SUMMER SELLING :  5 Tips for Selling your House

It’s that time of year.  School is out, and if you’re a family looking to move, this is your go-time.  Most families will need to sell their current home first before closing on that new dream home.  So, how can you accomplish that quickly and easily?  First…

1.  Get yourself a good listing agent.

Not all real estate agents/brokers are the same.  I recommend using someone who is established in your market and has a track record of completing sales in 3 months or less.  Also, ask them a lot of questions.  What will they do to market your home?  Will they hold open houses for you?  Will they have staging recommendations that can help your home show in the best light possible?

2.    Don’t ONLY rely on your agent to market your home.

Use your social networks to let everyone know that you’re moving.  You might be surprised to find that a friend of a friend of a friend might be the lead you need to find your buyer.  Look up comparable sales in your neighborhood, so you know what other houses are selling for.  You should know what a reasonable asking price is for your home. You can use your local county assessor website to find recent sales data.

3.   You know this one, but DECLUTTER!!

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but decluttering your home is essential.  It will help to get a fresh opinion from a friend or your listing agent on what needs to be removed from your home.   And when advice is given, don’t take anything personally.  You’re trying to sell your home.   Maybe you have some oversized furniture that needs to be moved?  Make sure counter tops are clean and free of most appliances, all mail, and personal photos.  

4.    Curb Appeal – get some!

This IS the summertime, so keep your lawn mowed and weed free.  Plant some bright flowers and do any touch up painting needed to your trim or shutters.  There are a gazillion ideas on upping the curb appeal on a budget out there.  Use resources like Houzz or 

5.    Make the UPDATES that you can but don’t go overboard.

A few coats of neutral paint can go a looooonnng way!  Use white or very light grey to paint kids rooms or that dated forest green hall bathroom.  Color is nice, but it’s a quick way to turn off a potential buyer.  Look at what feels really dated in your home, and if it’s in the budget, update it.  Floors, carpet, faucets or light fixtures are a good investment.  An updated home will always sell faster than one stuck in a time warp. 

*original content,  written and published by: Lisa Coulter, We Store Bixby, Self Storage